Adam Northcroft
God’s amazing grace and power on display

I don’t know how you get on with prayer. Sometimes it feels to me like nothing happens even after repeated requests and other times answers come instantly.

There are also times when God suddenly and often unexpectedly just breaks in with his extraordinary agenda, and then your mouth can be left hanging open in amazement.

These times teach you about him, about his powerful, kind and gracious nature.

Last Sunday we heard about such a time. Miriam, a woman in our church, shared an amazing story which is best said in her own words:


“Last Friday (September 15th) at 4.00 in the morning I felt the need to pray so got up and did so for a time, mostly about our children. I fell back to sleep about 6.00 and had a very vivid dream of people in a confined place and a bomb going off.  Our daughters were in the dream and as I woke up I realised it was in London and that I was to pray for protection on their travelling that morning. I wasn’t sure from the dream where these people were but had a strong sense that it was the Underground.

“I woke Steve (her husband) up and said we had to pray for protection on our girls as they travelled through London that morning, but as we prayed we extended that prayer for all the commuters using the Underground.

“We both had a strong sense of foreboding and a need to really press in for God to intervene. This was about 7:30am.

“A couple of  hours later Steve received the news that a real bomb had gone off on the Underground at 8:20, but miraculously it had failed to ignite properly and there were no fatalities!

“As awful as the news was I felt such a sense of relief and the heaviness lifted. I’m sure God caused many others to pray on that morning.

“This has caused me to have fresh impetus in my prayer life and an expectation that God will do the miraculous. I understand again that I need to be faithful in praying for situations that He puts on my heart even though I don’t always understand what it means at the time.

It says in Isaiah 59v19 ‘When the enemy shall come in like a flood the Lord will lift up a standard against him and put him to flight’ (amplified). I really believe God wants us involved in overcoming evil with good and as we pray according to His will the standard is lifted up.”


Prayer is powerful. Let’s get to it!