Adam Northcroft
World Cup Worship?

Who, or what, do you worship?

Most people in the West don’t generally think about worship. They don’t believe it’s relevant to them nor is it something they do, but is instead the sole preserve of a religious minority.

However, is that true? If worship is giving ultimate value to something or someone in your life, then every human worships. We all have an ultimate value or thing, something that we put at the centre around which all our other activities and decisions must orbit.

If you’re unsure what that is for you, just look at where the majority of your spare time, money and effort goes.

For some, the ultimate thing may be themselves or their kids or their job, or money. For others it could be their nation or political party or success, or even a football team. Like the Romans of old, the number of gods we can make for ourselves is endless.

In this sense everyone has a god - something you are desperate for and are willing to sacrifice other things to reach or keep.

The question is not if you worship, but who or what do you worship?

Humans are hard-wired to worship and if we reject the idea of God, we’ll find something else to replace Him.

However, can these other things take the pressure of being a god to us?

If you turn your children into gods, what impact will it have on them? How will you feel when they leave home? Some who have does this will tell you how devastated they feel when that day comes, and others even say they are never the same again.

The Bible tells us there is only one thing that we should make ultimate in our lives, and that is Almighty God.

We are instructed to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and have no other gods before Him for good reason.

We are all worshippers, let’s just make sure that we’re worshipping the right thing.