Adam Northcroft
A church that cares for all, not just believers

If you’re not a regular church goer, I wonder what your view of church is in 2023? Some see it as outdated, irrelevant and unsure of what it believes, while others feel evangelical churches only want to get you into their club and will try and convert you the moment you step over the threshold. One type of church is seen as not sure enough, while the other is considered far too sure.

A few years ago the average Briton would have understood church better. Even those who didn’t attend knew that while churches are (or at least should be) concerned about how you will fare in the next world, they are also genuinely interested about people’s wellbeing in this world.

Much of the time, effort and resource of churches is poured into helping people. It has been that way since the time of Christ when the early church started looking after the poor, feeding widows and caring for orphans.  Some church movements, notably the Salvation Army, have helped to change the culture of the country by the scale of the work done among the homeless and destitute. Bennardo’s, The Red Cross, Tear Fund, Christian Aid, and The Children’s Society are other examples of organisations inspired by people of faith.

The Church can’t claim exclusivity in caring for people, there are others out there doing a good job, but it is deep within us because of the core command to ‘love your neighbour’.

Hope Church Sevenoaks is no different since we are driven by the same teaching as other Christians, although we acknowledge we still have a lot to learn.

Most recently we have launched a ‘Warm Bank’ working with our friends at the Sevenoaks Larder foodbank. In response to the cost-of-living crisis currently affecting so many the initiative provides a warm space and a simple meal for people to enjoy once a week if needed (every Thursday 4-7pm. Other Warm Spaces are also operating – see the Sevenoaks Council’s website).

The Larder’s excellent work reveals that while Sevenoaks is known as a place of wealth and plenty, there are a number who don’t enjoy that lifestyle and are in real need of help.

Our hope is that we can assist people in the here and now. That church can be seen by unbelievers as well as believers as part of their community and something that can benefit them even without spiritual conformity.

So, if you know someone who needs warmth, company or food, we would be delighted to part of the answer.


Hope Church has recently announce the dates of its Church Lunches for 2023 (see our News section). All welcome.