Adam Northcroft
It’s time for us all to find God again.

Belief in God just isn’t a thing for most Brits today. Sure, surveys reveal the majority still have a sense of spirituality or of something bigger than themselves, but fewer and fewer have a solid and definitive faith.

Britian, it seems, is lost. This generation is growing up without any of the benefits and certainties that our forebears knew and while this had been lauded as a good and liberating thing, some are now beginning to wonder.

Values we all assumed as simple common sense have been attacked in recent years. They are evidence, we are told, of bigotry and prejudice, leading many to distance themselves from all traditional orthodoxy. As a result, we are falling into a world of confusion. Sexuality and gender have caused havoc with our children in particular, who no-longer know how many genders there are, while others think a lifetime of medication and surgeries will turn them into their true ‘felt’ selves.

The last couple of years have left many uncomfortable with new values that are trying to bully their way into our national consciousness and left a dread of worse to come.

The true cost of throwing away our traditional faith is becoming clear. The Christianity that Western nations have known needs to be recovered. It is now a matter of urgency.

It was this faith that gave our ancestors a solid footing. While not lived out perfectly, it did bring comfort and reassurance in times of difficulty, and strength and confidence when they were threatened or unsure.

During WWII King George VI called the nation to a day of prayer and millions flocked to churches in response. Then they knew where to go in times of trouble, but today we don’t.

While belief in God is essentially a personal decision, it is increasingly clear the values that flow from this faith aren’t just personal but affect entire nations. Jesus taught that true Christianity can ‘salt’ the World. It teaches whole communities to love, to forgive and to show grace as well as understand healthy boundaries and values.

What is the answer to today’s confusion? A return to Jesus Christ. Even some of the leading unbelieving social media influencers are advocating going back to Church. Let’s re-discover our Christian past and restore the certainty and common sense that is so sadly lacking today.

What can you do? Well, find a church that is alive and start attending; become part of the answer. Alternatively seek out an Alpha Course and go along. Find out for yourself why Christianity makes so much sense.

How we respond today will affect all of our futures. We either go with the flow or stand up for what’s right. Which way will you go in 2024?

Hope Church is hosting an Alpha course on Wednesday evenings starting on Jan 24th. Click on Alpha (24-Jan-2024) for more.