Adam Northcroft
Three cheers for 'Everyone a Witness'

Just wanted to applaud Ian's new outreach group - recently named Everyone a Witness (see the news story on this site called Getting the message out there).

It is wonderful to hear about so many people getting involved and so many people hearing about Jesus, or being impacted by the kindness of those in the church. Little does more to encourage me personally that hearing about people giving away their faith. We are called to be salt and light, and it is great to see this happening.

One effect of the group is particularly encouraging since it helps us realise we are not on our own. I find sharing my faith can be accompanied later on by a doubt or question about what difference can it truely make. However, feedback on the WhatsApp forum shows that with 40 people spoken to in the first week of this initiative, we are part of a much bigger drive. Our contribution is one element in God's plan to make Himself known to our community and this plan is significantly more impactful than we might initially understand. 

I also wanted to encourage those who feel sharing just isn't their thing. Please don't exclude yourself from the group, but instead pray for it and ask God to give you opportunities that fit with your personality.

We are going for 'Doing Church Bigger' as our vision for this year. Everyone a Witness will help us get there.