Family Mentoring Scheme

Family Mentoring Scheme at Hope Church Sevenoaks

The Family Mentoring Scheme - also known as Sevenoaks 4 Families - is designed to help struggling families within the community.

Run by volunteers the scheme helps any family whether there's one parent or two and regardless of marital status, gender, race, disability, faith, age or sexual preference.

If desired those involved will commit to working with families to help them make positive changes and overcome problems.

Specifically a family mentor offers:

Face-to-face support for you and your family in your home for a minimum of 6 months
Help you tackle problems
Offer emotional support as well as practical help and advice
Listen and encourage
Be a positive role model to the whole family
Be considerate, caring and confidential, consistently offering hope

The volunteers come from various backgrounds, have relevant experience, been recruited and trained while are supervised by an experienced team leader.

They are also Christians from local churches who are motivated and inspired by their faith, but will in no way expect you to share it or even be interested in it.

While Hope Church does not run this scheme, some of its members are actively involved.

Want to know more?

For more information about what's on offer contact Marion on 07909 905975.

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