Adam Northcroft
Help combat loneliness

Befrienders, the scheme designed to help volunteers give time and friendship to others in the community, is looking for additional team members.

Anyone interested can attend some training sessions in September to find out more.

The amount of time given is at the descretion of the volunteer.

The training days are Wednesday 13th, 20th and 27th of September. Each session will begin at 8pm and end at 9.30pm and will cover listening skills, confidentially and boundaries.

Befrienders is linked to the Family Mentoring Scheme, which is also looking to expand. Anyone interested in being involved is welcome to attend the training days since they are also relevant to this initiative.

For further information about Befrienders please contact Margaret Samaranayake on tel: 01883 712576, and Marion Gilchrist on tel: 07909 905975 for the Family Mentoring Scheme.

For more information about the Family Mentoring Scheme see www.hopechurch7oaks.org/family-mentoring-scheme