Adam Northcroft
God is bringing people in and healing them!

It is so encouraging when you clearly see God at work.

On Easter Sunday we had a woman visit us after being given an invitation by somebody from the Everyone a Witness evangelism group (for more on this see the news item 'Getting the message out there' - April 13), who'd been handing them out on the street the day before.

This lady is not a Christian and came along, loved it and said she'd been looking for a community to be part of in Sevenoaks. She then signed up for the next Alpha and went away happy.

At the same service four people responded to the word about healing for lower backs. After prayer three of them said there was a change straight away, and one reported he 'felt the pain leave immediately' having been in discomfort since Wednesday.

It just goes to remind you that Jesus is always at work. He wins people and He heals them. And we have the joy of being involved.