Small Groups

Small Groups at Hope Church Sevenoaks

From the time of the early church Christians have gathered in homes to pray, worship and encourage each other. Hope Church, like many other churches around the world, also does this and so offers everyone the opportunity to join a small group.

What are Connect Groups (CG)

CGs are an essential element of a healthy church. Doing church bigger requires us to make church more personal so that every person is known by name. Every person should have a place that they can call "home" in the life of church.

CGs provide a place where people can regularly meet together, eat together, pray for each other, talk about life, God and the Bible and simply do life together. It’s a place where we can be ourselves and where we value discipleship.

What does the Bible say about CGs?

Acts 2:42 - The early church met in smaller groups:

  1. People met in homes, shared meals together and prayed
  2. They devoted themselves to the teachings of the apostles
  3. They had fellowship
  4. They broke bread together
  5. There were many wonders and there were no unmet needs

CGs aim to:

  1. Help people develop authentic friendships
  2. Provide easy access to mid week connection
  3. Create a safe place where you can be yourself
  4. Develop a culture of generously
  5. Develop disciples of Jesus
  6. Share a meal together and pray for each other
  7. Discuss the weekly sermon and how to apply it in our lives
  8. Focus on caring for each other and our communities
  9. Be fruitful and multiply to reach and influence the world for Jesus
  10. Promote unity with the church’s vision of doing Church bigger!

For more information

Please contact Hermann (07791 369110) & Angie (07854 966050)

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