Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission at Hope Church Sevenoaks

Hope Church is committed to following Jesus Christ. We recognise He wants us to love God, love one another, make disciples and share the good news that Jesus is alive.

Goals for 2017

These goals don't change. However, we also recognise God gives specific direction to each individual church to help them fulfil these tasks. And, this direction can change, often with a new emphasis each year.

In 2017, Hope Church is aiming to 'Do Church Bigger'.

"We're looking to reach out to and engage with more people in our town"

By this we mean we're looking to reach out to and engage with more people in our town. It also means we will attempt to become more visible and prepare for a larger number of people coming through our doors.

Due to this Vision we have identified nine areas of development. They are:

  1. Outreach and evangelism.
  2. Marketing and promotion.
  3. Increased administration capacity.
  4. The Development of more musicians (through the launch of the Hope Church Music Academy).
  5. Strengthening our ministry capacity.
  6. Expanding our kids work.
  7. Enlarging the building.
  8. Boosting our housegroup network, and
  9. Prayer.

Want to know more?

Further details of our Vision & Mission for 2017 can be found in the Talks section of this website.

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