Will2Work at Hope Church Sevenoaks

Being without work can have a major impact on anyone. Apart from financial hardship it can affect people's self-esteem and confidence, while promoting a sense of isolation and in some instances even result in relationship breakdown.

Finding work again can help to restore self-confidence and self-respect, while also enabling people to provide financially for themselves and their families.

The Will2Work employment programme has been created out of a desire to provide practical support to those seeking work. It aims to help job-seekers present themselves in the best possible light to prospective employers.

Specifically the programme can:

Provide an overview of the jobs market and jobs application process
Identify existing skills, knowledge and work preferences
Identify opportunities
Examine the basics of job applications, CV writing and interviewing
Create a plan of action including interview technique

Run by Chris Austen, Will2Work is run from the Mill Lane Centre, the home of Hope Church. However, the programme is open to anyone with employment needs of any faith, or no faith at all.

Call in on a Tuesday 10-12 or by appointment.


In November 2016 we saw the first Hope Jobfair that gave prospective employers and those seeking work the opportunity to have face to face individual meetings. 2017 will see the Jobfair also target school leavers and the introduction of a short programme for schools on 'An Introduction to the Work Environment'.

Want to know more?

Get in touch with Chris at w2wcjea@outlook.com or call on either 07500 805132 or 01732 464456.

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