Adam Northcroft
Heaven and Hell: Real options, real futures

Talking about heaven and hell just isn’t in vogue right now. In fact, the subject is offensive to many with some preferring to think about ‘the end’ or ‘nothingness’ - a no consequence eternity that can accommodate all lifestyles and lives no matter how they are lived.

The trouble with this is that the bible – the word of God – doesn’t agree. It is very clear about the reality of a conscious eternity and the implications of ending your life without first making peace with God. It shouts it out with urgency and wonderfully reveals there can be a happy ending rather than the awful alternative.

Jesus made it clear that God doesn’t want anyone to end up in hell. He loves us and that’s the reason Christ died on a cross 2,000 years ago. Forgiveness and restoration to a loving heavenly Father are now available to all irrespective of how good or bad their life has been. Jesus paid the price, and the implication of your sin can be dealt with, in fact, has been dealt with by a gracious God if we come to Him and ask sincerely for mercy.

But how do you know it’s not all mumbo jumbo? Isn’t this kind of talk a hangover from the ancient world before we had science and reason. Well, have you ever looked into those who’ve died and been brought back? Many of their stories corroborate in similar ways. They frequently speak of an existence outside of the physical body, of light or dark, of God, and of an unspeakable joy or terrible pain.

Often those who’ve been through these experiences know they were not the result of superstition or failing brain function just prior to death. Some go through clear and coherent conversation with their maker, some were ‘sent back’ and others, to the amazement of their wider family, meet relatives they didn’t know they had. One such example is attached to this blog.

The Christian faith doesn’t end existence after your funeral. Instead, it shows we are more than material beings and offers a vital glimpse into the hereafter and how to enter it well, something that billions of people around the world still know and for which they are deeply grateful.

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